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 For many years, spa professionals have used galvanic currents, infra-red light and micro massage technology to infuse charged gels into deeper layers of the epidermis, photo-dynamically rejuvenate aging skin as well as increase circulation and cellular energy.


The Ultimate Anti-Aging SPA IV combines all these technologies together with four specially formulated gels that include patented ingredients such as idealift**, martixyl3000**, snap-8** as well as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, niacinamid and many more.


These combined technologies and gels help lift and contour sagging skin, diminish wrinkles, relax forehead and eye area muscle contractions, improve skin firmness, break down fat, smooth cellulite, improve skin elasticity and gradually fade age and sun spots***


Ana Seattle Washington (Age 54)
Margaret Barcelona Spain (Age 36)
Sonia Kiev Ukraine (Age 61)


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  MATRIXYLis an advance peptide matrikine combination that recreates conditions conducive to cell and matrix turnover. Matrikines are small endogenous peptides derived from matrix proteolysis. They act as cell messengers able to regulate the sequence of events required for skin repair (wound healing). Wrinkles are also localized defects and are due to deficient repair related to the ageing of the cutaneous functions of tissue repair and turnover, hence the impressive effectiveness of Matrixyl3000. View More

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